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Miaoli city
the mayor's words
the mayor of Miaoli city Miaoli City is under the jurisdiction of the County Government. It has long been the hub of administration, economy, politics and culture for the entire county. Being a transportation hub, its growth and progress in every aspect are indicative. So significant is its role within the county that successive chiefs of townships and mayors have never failed to strive enthusiastically for operative funds to implement city construction and enhance local economic prosperity. Meanwhile, the excellence and tradition of the successive leaders continue from generation to generation, each playing the role of a vigorous°.locomotive'.
Winning the support of the local people, Bing Kun successfully switched from a county councilor to become a mayor. There were joy and worry attached to the winning of the election. The joy was the opportunity to lead the entire group of the City Hall in serving the 91,000 city residents. I was worried as to how I should develop the city effectively. Having been through significant training and past experiences of a politician, I never forget my role and expectations that the voters have on me. With the current administration framework, I proceed with the unaccomplished projects brought forward by the preceding mayor. Gradually, I have blended in blueprints and ideology related to city constructions from the new team force. We aim to achieve overall enhancement in the insufficient core construction of the basic constitution of the bureaucracy. Meanwhile we also strive to strengthen on important matters such as environmental protection, community building and operations and cultural developments. We aim to upgrade the living quality of the city residents.
Though I am happy to have won the 8-year support from the city residents and able to hold office again, I realize that there would be more expectations from the city residents and undoubtedly, increasing responsibilities on me. The entire team of the City Hall must strive harder and cautiously in implementing the city administration. During the few years in office, we have established an even more complete and generalized services and facilities such as social welfare service network, humanity care for the ethnic minority, enthusiasm in preservation and glorifying the Hakka traditions and folk cultures, frequent conducts of exhibitions and stage performances on arts and culture, the settings of small parks within each community area and increase in the building of recreational and sports facilities...etc. Hence, the city residents can conveniently engage in recreational and sports activities for physical and mental adjustment. We also aim to enhance the lives of the city residents spiritually, and enrich the intrinsic values in the people, culture and arts of Miaoli City. Together, we strive for a cleaner, more comfortable and safer living environment in fulfilling the hope of the city residents to make this best area of the entire county, the most suitable city to live in.
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