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Miaolishan Park, which is a focus of construction development to Miaoli City Hall, is a park full of recreational and sports functions. There are basketball courts, camping and barbecuing sites and biking service center in the park. The trails in the park are well planned. Overlooking the entire Miaoli City, viewing mountains around and enjoying the refreshing forest bath, you can drive away all your worries. Laiís Chastity Stone Arch, Chiou Chang-Hai Commemorative Monument, The Martyrs Commemorative Tower and Thinking Mother Pavilion are all attractive scenic spots.

Miaolishan Park
The centennial Gongweishiu Tunnel The centennial Gongweishiu Tunnel, with the wooden trail completed in 2007, would make tourists feel a strong sense of nostalgia.
The bicycle path between Sinying Li and Sinchuan Li measures 23.75 kilometers in length. It winds its way through such beautiful sites as tea plantations, green tunnel, Guejihu Pavilion Recreational Trail, ranch and traditional Hakka buildings. There are also scene viewing stations nearby.

The scenic spots along the leisure bicycle trail include Precious Old Maple Tree, Yi Shiang Tea Plantation, Acasia Forest Tunnel, Shen Long Ranch, Gutan (Ancient Charcoal) Kiln and One-Hundred-Year-Old Mango Tree. Miaoli City Hall sets up many rest stations along the trail so tourists can take a rest whenever they feel tired.
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