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City fine food

Having visited Miaoli City without tasting its delicious Hakka delicacies will be a waste for the visitors. Around the Sanjiao Park in Nanmiao, shops offer a range of over ten types of traditional Hakka authentic delicacies such as crystal dumpling, pigís blood soup, pigís large intestines soup, fried rice noodles wonton and Hakka flat noodles, all of them are very popular. Chouís Hakka Flat Noodles, which is over 70 years of history, is also the touristsí desire that canít be missed.

crystal dumpling
Hakka cuisine Salty, fatty and aromatic are three main characteristics of traditional Hakka cuisine and the Hakka are good at preserving vegetables. The medium and large-sized restaurants usually provide exquisite Hakka cuisine. Tourists can taste the traditional simmered and stir fried delicacies. The four simmered dishes include simmered pork, simmered dried bamboo shoots, simmered radish with spare ribs and simmered preserved vegetables. The four stir-fried dishes are Hakka stir-fried, stir fried celery, stir fried pineapple with pig lungs and stir fried pigís large intestines with shredded ginger. They are all proven to be of authentic taste.
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