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Miaoli city
history and population

Miaoli City used to be the dwelling place for the Taokas tribe called Maolishih. Miaoli, in the Taokas language, means a plain.

In 1737, the Hakka people living in eastern Guangdong Province entered and developed the place, where they called Pali. Afterwards, large batches of Han people, especially Hakka from Guangdong settled and developed here. Settlements were thus formed and merchants opened shops, which formed the shopping district in todayís Miaoli City.

ancient charcoal kiln
Miaoli Prefecture was established as a county in 1901. After the restoration of Taiwan, Miaoli Township became the administrative district of Miaoli County and was upgraded to Miaoli City in 1981. Itís an important Hakka stronghold in Taiwan and is also the heart of politics, economy and culture of Miaoli County.
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