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Agriculatre and Farming

With a mild climate, the hills and the valley plains in Miaoli City are suitable for agricultural and animal husbandry development. The chief produce in the plains are rice, organic vegetables and taros. Pomeloes, citrus and different kinds of mushrooms are planted on the hillside. The hilly terrain in the east is a tea producing area that focuses on the plantation of Cingsin Oolong, its chief brand. Recently, tea farmers are gradually known for their organic tea.

suburban In the eastern suburban area of the city, in the area of Sinying and Wenshan, there are numerous dairy-farming sites for rearing Dutch cows. The milk they produce is re-produced in the processing factory of Miaoli Farmers’ Association and branded Jiang Jiun (literally General), which is distributed island-wide and becomes very popular among the consumers.

Besides, the rearing of goats and sheep also plays an important role because Taiwanese are fond of consuming mutton to strengthen their bodies. That’s the reason the business is better and better.

The booming of recreational farming also makes the local farmers find a way out. The City Hall tries its best to change the outlooks of the villages. Shen Long Ranch in Da Keng Community has been transformed into a very beautiful place, also called “Little Switzerland”. Idle ponds in Sinying and Sinchuan have been transformed into good place for angling and bring in many tourists.

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